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FRIENDS For Life Programme

The FRIENDS For Life programme is written by Australian Clinical Psychologist Dr Paula Barrett and facilitated in 20 countries around the world.
This is a 12 session programme that promotes self-esteem, develops confidence and problem solving skills, mental and emotional resilience, self expression and building positive relationships with peers and adults.

Children work with Mrs Lyon in small groups of 6 - 8 children around the same age, for 1.5hrs a week, during school hours.

Parents receive handouts, "Information for Parents”, which explains what your child has learnt each week and how you can implement the skills taught into your family.

  Parents are required to attend information meetings, so you understand and learn about the FRIENDS For Life programme. This improves the chances of your child/family learning effective resilience coping strategies and using these skills in real life within the context of family, community and school friendships

The programme teaches children skills such as:

v Dealing with difficult situations

v Using peer support – developing positive friendships

v Relaxation techniques

v Conflict resolution - Dealing with difficulties, conflicts, bullying and peer pressure.

v Problem solving

v Emotional and mental resilience

v Recognising the signs of worry/anxiety

v Positive thinking

v Showing kindness, empathy and helping others.


FRIENDS For Life is a positive programme which targets all children and focuses on equipping children/families with skills to overcome daily challenges and negative life events which we all encounter.