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Nikau Team - Year 3 - 4 classes

Welcome to the Nikau Team Home Page!

Room 12 (Mr Corlett), Room 13 (Miss Hagan), Room 14 (Matua Fraser), Room 15 (Miss Faville) and Room 16 (Miss Sutherland) are the terrific classes in the Nikau Team.  We are very lucky to have Learning Assistant Debbie V working with us.


Every Friday we have Choir and Kapa Haka as our options. We are learning some awesome songs we hope to share with you all soon.

Our Cloakbays 

The Nikau Team likes to keep the cloakbays and corridor areas tidy. Please remember to pick up your rubbish, zip your bags up, put your shoes away neatly and on wheels day please place your scooters out of harms way.

Every week Peanut the Elephant will be awarded to the class with the cleanest cloakbay area. Here is a photo of Peanut just hanging out, patrolling the corridor behind rooms 12,13 and 14.


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