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Tips for Reading at Home

Here are some ways you could help your child during their home reading. We hope you enjoy sharing together.


Ø  Provide a suitable place and time: preferably 4-5 times a week for up to 10 minutes, in a quiet place, and when your child is not tired.

Ø  As you listen try not to interrupt.  Be patient.

Ø  Talk to your child about the pictures they see in the book before they start reading.  This will help them solve any unknown words they find when they are reading.

Ø  When an unknown word is encountered or a mistake is made; WAIT (they may get the right word) then encourage your child to:

·         go back to the beginning of the sentence

·         read again and see if they can work it out

·         say the first sound

·         try a word that might fit

·         look for parts of the word that they know


Ø  Provide encouragement. Praise your child when they read well or correct their own mistakes.

Ø  Try to be relaxed.  Stop the session if you feel yourself becoming frustrated.  Read to your child instead.


Ø  Children could be asked any of the following questions when they have finished reading a book:

·         Did you enjoy the book? 

·         Who were the characters?

·         What was your favourite part?

·         Was there anything about it you did not like?

·         Could you think of another ending?

·         Are there any words you did not know the meaning of?

·         Can you retell what happened in the story?


Ø  Other reading suggestions: jingle books, poetry books, nursery rhymes, magazines, comics, game instructions, recipes, newspapers, diaries, atlases, maps, road signs, shop signs, letters.


Ø  Encourage your child to make use of the local and school libraries



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