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Home Reading Hints Year 5 and 6

How to support your child in becoming a confident and enthusiastic reader

1.     Provide a quiet place and time when your child is not too tired or really keen to be doing something else.

2.     Be there for your child while they read to provide appropriate help and to discuss what they are reading.

3.     Provide suitable reading material:  of interest to your child and linked to their experiences, that is not too difficult (no more than 5 mistakes in 50 words).

4.     Allow time for your child to explore the book themselves – don't be too quick to help them, wait for them to think about the word or the story first.

5.     Encourage and support:

·        Don't criticise or make comparisons with other children

·        Try to be relaxed and calm

·        Read with or to your child if the going gets too difficult or the story is too long

·        Talk about the story and make connections between what is in the story and the child's own experiences

·        Help them to discover the meanings of new words that they come across.

6.     Give positive feedback  when:

·        your child reads well

·        they correct themselves after making a mistake

·        they figure out a word after you have given them some help

·        they read silently and independently

·        they gain understanding of higher level ideas in the story

7.     Help your child when they make a mistake:

·        Allow them time to solve it themselves

·        Ask a question about the story to help them think about the meaning

·        If the mistake doesn't change the meaning of the sentence then either ignore the mistake or help them to figure out the word themselves.

·        Suggest they go back to the start of the sentence or that they read on to the end of the sentence.

·        Ask them to think of a word which begins the same way as the unknown word and that makes sense in the sentence.

·        Tell them if they are still having trouble to keep the story going

8.     Make it fun. Share the reading or read a chapter as a bedtime story.

9.     Be a positive role model for your child by reading for enjoyment yourself.

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