Leamington School

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Traveling to and from school

Children travel to and from school in a variety of ways.

Walking - many children walk to school.  Leamington School was the first school in Cambridge to have a walking school bus.  This has died away in recent times as our school is in a low traffic area, and the closer they get to our school, the further they get from the hustle and bustle of town.  As a result, many parents feel safe having their children walk to school given the number of other students they are able to walk with.  Many parents walk to and from school with their child. We have road patrol wardens who assist the children across the road as they get near the school. 

Biking - a growing number of children bike to school.  We do not have a set age when children can bike to school.  Rather, we respect parents’ rights to determine when they think their child is responsible enough to bike to school.  Parents know how responsible their child is on a bike, the roads they have to cross, and the distance they have to travel.  Many parents bike to school with their child.  However, we would discourage children biking to school by themselves if they are Year 3 or younger. When parents feel their child is responsible enough to bike to school, we give them a bike license which outlines our expectations for riding their bikes to and from school.  Children feel very proud to have their own bike license!

Car - a large number of parents either drop their child off at school, or pick them up.  Parents can park in Lamb Street, by the polo grounds, Scott Street, or Noel Street.  We ask parents to keep off our neighbours grass verges to avoid them getting muddy.  Some parents park further down Scott Street away from the busyness of the school, and their child walks to meet them.

Bus - we have some children who come to and from school via bus.  These children come from the Kaipaki or Roto - o - Rangi area.  The bus stops outside the school office.  To find out more about bus times, please contact Cambridge Travel Lines direct on 827 7363. 


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