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From time to time, parents have concerns about what is happening at school.

We are keen to hear these concerns, as we would rather deal with issues while they are small, simmering issues, rather than deal with them when they have been happening for some time. 

At all times, the correct way to deal with an issue is through the school.  Under no circumstances is a parent to tell off another child at school who has done something they do not like.  This ensures that all children are treated with respect, and both sides of the story can be heard before any action is taken.

However, if you have a concern, they way to deal with a concern is to:

1. Talk with the person it concerns.  See if the issue can be resolved.

2. If after seeing the person concerned you cannot find an outcome that you are satisfied with, then make a time to see the persons team leader.

3. If the team leader is not able to solve your problem, then make a time to meet with either the Deputy Principal or Principal.  

4. In the extremely rare instance issue has not been resolved after meeting with the Principal, then the next course of action is to write a formal letter of complaint to the BOT chairperson.  The chairperson will take action according to the complaints policy and will respond to the complaint as appropriate.



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