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Dogs at Leamington School

Dogs are an important part of life for many families, and as such, are often included in day-to-day activities such as walking children to and from school. The school appreciates this inclusion and values pet ownership as an educational experience, it also acknowledges other families (and individuals) can find contact with dogs stressful, even frightening.
This procedure takes into consideration the needs and expectations of all members of the Leamington community and also minimizes the risk of accident or injury to people or animals within the school grounds.

No dogs are to be on the school site between 8am and 4pm unless permission has been sought by a member of the Leamington School staff. 

Dogs that are walked to school need to be tied up at the "Pooch Park” behind Room 15. 
Guide Dogs are always welcome on the school grounds on the provision that they are always on lead, held by an adult.

When around other Leamington School students, all Dog leashes need to be held by adults only.

If a dog is brought onto the school grounds by an adult for a child to show the class, parents do so with an absolute understanding that their dog has no issues around people, particularly children, has never displayed any aggression towards people, particularly children and that the owner believes the dog is fully trustworthy in a school environment.

If a dog bites any member of the Leamington Community (child or adult) while on the way to school, from school or while at school, the Principal will request the Dog Control officer put the dog down.

Any dog that is on the school site without the permission of a member of staff and has no owner who is easily contactable will be collected by the Dog Control officer.

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