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Kawakawa Team - Year 0-2 Classes

Welcome to Room 5

Room 5 is the Reception Room. All children as they turn 5 years old start in this room.

The main purpose of the Reception Roomis to provide a successful start to school and to prepare the children forformal learning. I encourage the use of the school Virtues and COG's. I teach the children about the following learning areas.

The children will participate in routines in the classroom and around the school to help develop independence.

Social Skills:
It is important for children to get along with each other and maintain positive relationships.

This includes book knowledge along with Phonics. (Letter names and sounds.) It also develops the use of good oral language, and links reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The children will work with numbers to 10 then 20. Counting; Learning before and after, a given number; Making groups to 5, 10, then 20; Addition and subtraction; Recognising and writing numerals. Learning colours, shapes and patterns and simple measuring.

Physical Development:
Large and finer motor skill activities will be provided. This includes things like swimming.


The children in this room will bring home their Poem book and Reading Activities book every day, to share with you. Going over the previous work will reinforce
it. Use the things in the Kick Start Pack to assist with their learning aswell. Please send the ring of words and ring with the numbers and tens frames to school in your child's book bag every day and continue to go over them at home. If they don't know something, then tell them. Keep it fun.


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