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Home Reading

As a school we all believe strongly that children should be reading at home in order for them to become successful readers. 


Daily (Monday to Thursday) opportunities to:-

Ø  promote enjoyment, and develop a child’s confidence as a fluent reader (In simple terms a fluent reader is someone who can decode and comprehend at the same time.)

Ø  practice appropriate / relevant reading skills / strategies (automaticity develops through extensive practice at reading a wide variety of texts at instructional and independent levels)

Ø  foster the home / school partnership (a significant relationship exists between a parents’ active involvement in their child’s learning and accelerating the child’s achievement)

What does it look like?

Home reading will look different across the school as the needs of the children developing into fluent readers will vary based on age and ability.

However, guiding principles that apply to all home reading include:-

Ø  Reading material will be familiar to the child (approximately 95% fluency or more.  Note: Teachers will use their professional judgment as to when a text becomes familiar.)

Ø  Reading material will be provided by the teacher (instructional, fluency, or high interest), or be self-selected by the child (from school or home).

Ø  Opportunities for home reading will be facilitated by the teacher Monday to Thursday.

Ø  Monitoring of home reading will focus on positive reinforcement – we recognize it is hard to “make” children read at home.

Ø  Parent education will be a priority for the whole school to equip those who support the home reading partnership, in an effort to empower parents to support the child’s fluency development in an age / ability appropriate manner.



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