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To send your children to school with a Warrant of Fitness, they need at least the following:-

PLENTY OF SLEEP:  At least 10 hours sleep for primary children is recommended. Staff may have difficulty working with children who have watched too much television or stayed up late.

TO BE WELL FED To be effective learners, children require a balanced diet with regular meal times. A good breakfast is essential to set up the day. Children need both mid-morning and lunchtime food and drink. Fresh fruit, sandwiches, filled rolls, muffins and cereal bars are ‘brain food’ for your child and much more economical and appropriate than chips and fizzy drinks.

TO BE HAPPY AND SECURE  Our pupils come from caring homes. Children need reassurance and realistic expectations from their parents/caregiver. This is important as children learn best when they are supported and nurtured in their personal and educational growth.

TO HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE  If children expect good things to happen at school, in all areas of learning, they will be keen and positive in their approach to their day. Adults should never dull this with worries, fears or uncertainties.

TO HAVE THE CORRECT GEAR  Children need to be ready for each day at school. Wearing the correct uniform for the climate and season is as important as stationery, lunch, library books and swimming togs. We encourage our pupils to show independence and self-organisation and therefore discourage children contacting you during the day to bring items to school.

TO BE ON TIME Social things happen before school and children who come late are disadvantaged. We encourage children to be at school by 8:45AM as this assists them to prepare for their day of learning and social interactions.

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