Leamington School

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Enrolment Process

There are several ways that students can enrol at Leamington School.  

Kickstart Programme - our Kickstart Programme is designed for pre-school aged children who are turning 5 years old.  These children come to school prior to their fifth birthday for several visits to learn the skills they will need for school.  This programme is proving extremely popular, and it is having a very positive impact on the children who participate and their subsequent learning. 

Contact us prior to starting - many families make contact with us prior to arriving in the Leamington area.  This allows us to set a place aside in a classroom for the child, thus ensuring class sizes do not become too large.  A number of families enrol at our school based on recommendations of other parents; without even looking around our school!

Tour of our school - prospective families are very welcome to come and visit the school to have a look around and get a feel of the place.  We are very proud of the fact that almost every family that comes for a look around ends up enrolling their child.  The climate of our school has to be seen to be believed!

Just turn up! – families are welcome to just turn up in the office to enrol their children.  The enrolment form can be completed in the office and any questions answered by the admin team, or members of the teaching team, if they are out of the class at the time. 

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