Leamington School

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International Student Fees
(all costs include GST and are in NZ Currency)

Effective 16 November 2018 (Unless a prior agreement has been reached) 

(Please inquire about the full details of our fee structure.) 

Short Stay Students (for less than 4 weeks)


Weekly Tuition Fee
NZ$350.00 + GST per week
International Student Levy NZ$10.73 + GST per week
 Uniform Cost   NZ $40 + GST





Weekly Fee
NZ$250.00 + GST per week

Placement and Supervision Fee (may be waived based on prior relationships with Agents)
NZ$100 + GST 


Long Stay Students 


Annual Tuition Fee

$NZ13,000 + GST

(Includes ESOL Tuition, a learning assistant to support the child in the class and curriculum textbooks on loan.) 

Annual expenses Fee

$1000 + GST ( This is required for any expenses that may be incurred through the year.  This payment is kept on account for the student to cover uniform, stationery and other expenses, including outdoor education excursion fees, school trips, sports affiliation fees etc.  The unused balance, if any, is refunded when the student completes their schooling at Leamington School.)

Annual Placement and Supervision Fee
$NZ250 + GST paid annually


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