Leamington School

(07) 827 5747 Lamb Street, Cambridge 3432

School Hours


Bell rings to start the school day.
10:00am First morning tea break.  Children play and are encouraged to have "brain food" - fruit, veges, water etc.
10:15am Second Learning session.
11:20am Second morning tea break.  Children play and are encouraged to save their other "yummy" food for this break time.
11:35am Third Learning session.
12:40pm Lunch time - all children sit for 10 minutes to eat before being released by the teacher who checks children have eaten some lunch.  
 12:50pm  Free play time - Many activities around the school are on offer for the children to participate in if they wish. 
 1:25pm  Bell rings - children have 5 minutes to have a drink, toilet, start making their way back to class.
 1:30pm  Afternoon learning session begins.
 3:00pm  School finishes.
 3:15pm Last bell of the day.  Road patrol comes in.  All children should have left by this time unless they are in Funky Kids Club afterschool care.  


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