Leamington School

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  • We will do what works for the children of our school, whether it be politically correct or not.  We will not do things because it looks good, but rather because it has a positive impact on our children.
  • We believe that boys have different learning needs than girls and, as such, we cater for their needs differently within the class and playground.
  • We believe kids like to be active, and like a bit of rough and tumble.  That is why we play games like bull-rush at lunch time, with teacher supervision, have organised lunch time games for children who want to be involved, and make sporting gear readily available to play with.
  • We believe we are accountable to the children of our school, and their parents first and foremost.  
  • We teach children, we do not teach curriculum.  Obviously we have a curriculum which we must follow, but we have found that by focusing on the learning needs of the children in our classes, the curriculum is taught extremely well.
  • Different is not good or bad, it is just different.
  • We have high behavioural standards for all children, if another child is disrupting a child’s learning, or making them feel unsafe, we make contact with home quickly.
  • We believe that parents want to be fully involved in their child’s learning.  We make every effort to hold school events outside of school time where possible, so that working parents, especially Dads, can be involved.
  • We believe in doing things to an extremely high standard, our focus is on execution, and from this flows innovation.
  • We know that the success of our school is simply because we employ outstanding teachers, who inspire and motivate children.
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