Leamington School

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June 2014

Leamington School continues to provide high-quality education and care for students in an inclusive school culture. Appropriate priority is placed on literacy and mathematics and developing skills for learning. The board, school leaders, staff and students benefit from respectful and supportive relationships guided by the school’s values and goals.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.

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Key Phrases from the Report

There are consistently high standards of teaching in every classroom.

Students benefit from the number of extra programmes that successfully support their wellbeing, engagement and development.

The parents' and wider community are strongly supportive of the school. Parents contribute enthusiastically to a range of sports, cultural and social events. They are regularly surveyed and consulted, and their views are actively considered in school decision making and resourcing.

A team of professional and dedicated teachers consistently use a wide range of highly effective strategies to engage students in their learning. These include:

  • sharing the learning processes, the purpose of the learning, and what success looks like
  • creative and innovative ways to support students to understand their progress and achievement
  • developing a deeper knowledge of the interests, culture and identity of students and their families.

Attractive, well-resourced classroom environments reflect and celebrate students’ learning and success.

Highly engaged and focused students have opportunities to work collaboratively and engage in hands-on, interactive activities and discussions about their learning.They respond well to high expectations for learning and behaviour. Respectful and affirming relationships are modelled by teachers and school leaders.

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