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Amy Stewart


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I am looking forward to adding value to Leamington School based on my own personal parent and business experiences. My son Roman who is in year 3 loves attending school particularly enjoying reading, maths, coding and playing hockey in a school team. I am the Director of HRV Waikato, and am the Heart of Admissions for Green School NZ which is due to open in Feb 2020. I am pursuing a conjoint LLB/Ba Psychology Degree at Waikato University, am a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, a board member of Asperger’s Connections Waikato and a member of the NZ Association of Positive Psychology. I do volunteer parent advocacy, and have run a series of after school play groups with a focus on social skills for primary aged children after school from my home. I am driven by a deep sense of duty and strong desire to support and advocate for the rights of all children with pro-abilities in the NZ education system. I enjoy listening to parent voice, and want the best for your children at Leamington School.

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