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Our Learning

Our school is broken into 4 different teams.  These teams have their own unique programmes and do special things together.

Description: http://leamington.school.nz/files/31a2e97ea7135af4/folders/54/bush.jpgOur team names are representative of four different size trees that are found on Mt Maungatautari, Mt Maungakawa, Mt Pirongia, and Kakepuku.  These Maunga (Mountains) are what our houses are named after. 

Kahikatea (Yr 5-6) is the tallest forest tree in NZ.  Historically, it was known to be one of the most dominant trees in the Waikato. It grows tall and strong and stands proudly above all others as guardians of the forest. 

Nikau (Yr 4) trees grow tall under the forest canopy, but they are tall and strong.  They are known for being resilient, and also for the beautiful fruit they are capable of producing over time, being a favourite food of the Kereru (wood pigeon).

Kowhai (Yr 2-3) trees grow under the forest canopy, but are renowned for being distinctive because of their beauty, making them a favourite place to play for native birds, especially the Tui.  They are also known for their fast growth and purity, being used for medicinal purposes by Maori.

Kawakawa (NE - Yr 1) are small but grow quickly, because of the protection they receive from the other trees in the forest.  They are known for their wide range of medicinal properties and their heart-shaped leaves which represent their love of life and purity of spirit.

These different trees are a beautiful picture of how our children grow and develop over time, representing the unique character of the children of Leamington School.  

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