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A sample of comments from our parent survey.

  • We feel that Leamington school is a wonderful school with a family-focused environment.
  • I love Leamington school and I feel my daughters teacher and teacher aid in

    class are very friendly and my daughter loves coming to school every day.
  • Initially, when choosing a school, I had concerns that Leamington would be too big. How wrong I was - for a large school, Leamington certainly has the warm community atmosphere you would expect to find at a much smaller school! Thank you.
  • Brilliant
  • Bl*^&y great school!
  • My daughters' teacher has great ideas and I feel does a great job
  • Especially considering what I hear from friends and their school hassles/nuisances, our school is GREAT!
  • I have been extremely happy with Leamington School and the wonderful staff
  • Leamington School had a bad name about 10yrs ago and unfortunately some people who are not involved with the school still assume this. 10yrs ago I thought the same but now I would very quickly and easily set the record straight.
  • I have recommended Leamington to other people who are new to Cambridge or dissatisfied with their current school.
  • We have found Leamington School to be a great school with a fabulous teaching team and a safe environment for our son's learning and well being :) Thank you.
  • Leamington school is a brilliant school to be part of. I would be happy to recommend the school to any children coming into education learning.
  • The Principal and staff are huge assets to Leamington school.
  • I like the fact that the school has top teaching staff that is friendly, approachable and loved and respected by the children. The office staff is friendly and helpful, nothing is ever too much.
  • I particularly like the fact that the school's focus in on the basics of reading, writing and maths. I also appreciate that I can send my children to school knowing that they will be safe. Well done Leamington!
  • 2010 has been a great year, I am happy with my 4 children's teachers. The office staff are always friendly and helpful.
  • I would like to thank the staff and teachers at the school. You do an amazing job and it doesn't get said enough how much we appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work!
  • We have found the school to be extremely friendly from the caretaker, office staff and teachers to the principal.
  • The teachers treat the children lovingly and with respect, yet are firm and take no nonsense.
  • The atmosphere is friendly and familiar and makes it feel like a real community.
  • Keep up the good work! Thank you for your commitment! :-)
  • I want to thank Leamington School for the amazing part you played in my children's Education.  This is my last year (having had at least one child at Leamington school for the last 12 years) of having a child there and I would recommend (and have done so many times) Leamington School to anyone!!
  • I particularly like the fact that the school focuses on academic achievement, and does achieve highly with this but also exposes the children to a wide variety of other areas. I like this because not all children are academic and it allows individuals to have other interests or 'subjects' that they are good at, which I believe is very important.
  • I like how the school caters for 'high' and 'low' achievers.
  • I am always impressed by how well the children behave and how quiet they are during assemblies.
  • I think the school is doing a great job and I am proud that my son goes to the school. Well done!!
  • My child has attended your school for nearly four years now and overall my husband and I are very happy.
  • The uniform looks amazing and the school enhancements and changes over time is fantastic and long may it continue.
  • I have noticed a marked improvement in the 'feel' of the school in the last couple of years.
  • When there is an event at the school there seem to be more parents/ supporters there than kids! We feel like a community. I LOVE the chants and 'patriotism' shown!!!
  • I like Leamington School for my children as they are given opportunities other schools don't provide.
  • I appreciate all the hard work the school staff and board of trustees as well as the extra-curricular groups put in to make it feel like the centre of the community.
  • Leamington School is a wonderful place for my child to learn
  • I think the teachers are all really nice, really polite and easy to talk to.  The office ladies are lovely.
  • I really like the way the principal is out and about at bell time.  He is friendly and approachable.
  • An absolutely fantastic school.
  • Everyone is friendly and approachable.  Have never had a problem being able to speak to staff at the school. The school offices really try hard to answer all queries or find out and make contact back.  
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