Leamington School

(07) 827 5747 Lamb Street, Cambridge 3432

Tarsha Makgill



General Information

I am married to Matt and we have three children, with our eldest Georgia in year 2 at Leamington School. My extended family has a long history of association with Leamington School and I have a genuine interest in contributing to the School and helping to ensure its continuing success. I currently manage a Leamington School netball team and facilitate the School's oral healthcare recycling scheme. My employment background is in law, practicing in the areas of dispute resolution and family law; and education, teaching at primary level. My teaching background has given me an understanding of both the day to day school environment and the wider education system while my legal experience has equipped me with an understanding of the regulatory and legal environment in which schools operate. I am passionate about all children reaching their full potential.

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