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E-Safety Page

E-safety is an important element in our learning. With the school investing in digital technology, pupils and parents need the skills to stay safe online, all the time.

Below are some websites for pupils and parents to 'Click Clever Together' in keeping safe online. We hope you enjoy!


Hector's World


Lee & Kim

Kara & Winston


Brain Pop

Teachers Zone

  A great interactive site for teaching responsibility and safety on the net. 
   An e-safety site following the online activities of five cartoon characters as they surf the web in a not so careful manner.
  A great collection of e-safety resources to help keep your students safe. 

 This is a widely used e-safety website with games and activities to help your students understand how to be safe online.
  A wildlife conservation site which aims to save the rare Pacific Northwest tree octopus from extinction... except it isn't. A great site to use that illustrates that not all information on the web can be trusted.
  A superb e-safety resource with separate sections for primary and secondary students to work through. Choose to sign in to save progress or use without signing in.  
   This is an interesting history site about explorers... except it isn't. If you look at the information it is wildly wrong and the site is designed to teach about fact checking and to show children that not all information on the Internet is trustworthy.
  A child friendly site about e-safety put together by the UK Police and Fire services. 
  Fantastic information on E-safety for school and home use. 

E-Safety information sources: ICT Magic      https://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/
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