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Leamington School has a reputation for providing high-quality education to children in the Cambridge area.  We are the fastest growing school in our area, weekly turning away prospective families due to the popularity of our school.  With another five classes built in 2016, we currently have the opportunity to enrol International Students. 

As a school, we have a strong belief that good is the enemy of great - meaning that anything we attempt to do has to be great, otherwise we will not do it.  Our community deserves excellence, and we will provide nothing less!  We are the school of choice for our community for this reason, with parents openly stating that one of the reasons they chose our school is due to the high-quality education we provide to all of their children and the high expectations we have academically, sporting, culturally and behaviourally.   


We have run for some time, and continue to do so, extremely successful ESL and Language learning programmes within our school to cater for a range of English as Second Language students, currently including Asian, Indian, and South African children.  We also have experienced teachers who have training and expertise in teaching children with special learning needs like Dyslexia.  Our trained tutors are extremely good at what they do and enjoy having a dedicated area within our school to work with these students.


Our teachers are proven educational leaders who have a track record of consistently raising the achievement of the students in their class and are considered by their peers and ERO as being on the cutting edge of education practise. 


As a signatory to the Code of Practice for International Students, Leamington School is committed to providing the highest quality programme to International Students and is pleased to extend is superior reputation within our community to an international audience.  


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